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Company Description

AC•Tech specialty coatings are backed by 15 year labor and material warranties. We can stand behind these warranties because 1) we have products that truly perform, 2) we provide technical support during all phases of a project’s execution, and 3) we work exclusively through a network of recommended applicators who have earned AC•Tech approval by completing our comprehensive training program.

Our focused offerings include:

  •  AC•Tech 2170™ Single Coat Vapor Reduction / Alkalinity Control Systems,
  • AC•Tech Go-Early Technology™ a one-coat concrete curing, slab protection and vapor reduction system for Fast Track Construction, and
  • AC•Tech Oil Buster System™ a Jackhammer-free solution to reclaiming oil / grease / sugar / hydrocarbon / chemical / contaminated concrete slabs.

AC•Tech received the 2015 Expert’s Choice Award for Most Innovative Products at World of Concrete for its Go-Early Technology™ one-coat concrete curing, vapor reduction and long-term slab protection system.

AC•Tech | Allied Construction Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Norfolk Virginia. We actively partner with AB-Polymerchemie (Germany) and Chowgule Construction Technologies (India) to develop, manufacture and support specialty coatings for construction, industrial, commercial, residential, and infrastructure markets in the US and around the world.

We do not cut corners in manufacturing or in providing technical assistance and we believe in building strong, long-term business relationships where everyone succeeds. We offer our free services as Substrate Sleuths™ to customers and non-customers alike when they find themselves faced with contentious issues involving coating or covering concrete slabs.


The AC•Tech 2170™ Vapor Reduction System is specifically engineered to permit flooring installations on concrete slabs with excessive moisture and alkalinity levels. AC•Tech 2170™ is a true single coat, 100% REACTIVE 100% solids, two-part epoxy system that is zero VOC emissions & odorless and easy to apply. The AC•Tech 2170™ has no upper moisture limit (RH, ASTM F2170; MVER, ASTM F1869)
and will resist a pH of up to 14 sustained.

With this high level of performance, moisture testing is not required. AC•Tech’s Vapor Reduction Systems (12 hour cure and 4 hour Fast Cure) have been tested by independent laboratories in accordance with ASTM E96 testing and is compliant with the new ASTM F3010 permeance standard for fluid applied vapor systems.

The AC•Tech 2170™ epoxy resins are great performers as vapor reduction / alkalinity controls beneath a variety of flooring systems such as rubber, vinyl (sheet and tile), synthetic backed carpeting, wood flooring, and many associated adhesives. Many of these flooring system components are very sensitive to water vapor and alkalinity (one of the major contributors to flooring failures across the country). AC•Tech 2170™ products deliver outstanding results for both the applicator and the end customer with a 15-year comprehensive performance warranty.

The AC•Tech 2170™ Vapor Reduction / Alkalinity Control resin can also substantially reduce construction and flooring installation times when applied to fresh / green concrete slabs in Division 3 as part of our Go-Early Technology™ process. This one product – one coat – one system innovation combines concrete curing, slab protection, and moisture / alkalinity control when In Division 3 before the walls go up.

With a cured compressive strength of 14,500 psi, Go-Early Technology™ protects the slab (Shore D-82 hardness). This allows trades to get to work (and finish) days to weeks sooner. In this one-step application process, the final moisture and alkalinity control required of the project’s final flooring system is already in place over the entire deck — even before interior walls are installed. No moisture testing required. No Division 9 delays confronted. All protected by a 15 year warranty. The AC•Tech 2170™ (Go-Early) epoxy resin has been independently tested under ASTM C1315/309 standards as a Type 1, Class C membrane-forming curing compound.

AC•Tech’s Oil Buster System™ emulsifies, removes, and then contains oils, fuels, sugar, grease chlorinated hydrocarbons, industrial chemicals, and other organic substances so they do not become serious and persistent bond breakers for flooring adhesives and floor coatings. The 2-step cleaning coating process involves 1) a special non-toxic, solvent-free, bio-degradable cleanser that bonds to hydrocarbon contaminants within the concrete and “floats” them to the surface for easy removal, and 2) a very dense, zero VOC, oil-resistant, 2-component epoxy resin that prevents oil and other contaminants from migrating back up to the surface over time.

The AC•Tech Oil Buster System™ has a long track record of project successes throughout Europe and the US in addressing facility upgrades & maintenance, warehouse conversions, and building renovations and provides a 15 year performance warranty against hydrocarbon-induced delamination.

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